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Bill Smith

Bill Smith


Bill has grown up in the pattern industry, becoming an apprentice at the age of 18 and studying under his father, Ben Smith, known for his unique and creative approach in the pattern industry. He and Ben purchased Foundry Pattern Service in 1988 and together began growing the business, with Bill focused on heading operations and Ben leading the pattern shop. As the industry began to incorporate technology such as computer assisted machinery, Bill understood the need to incorporate this knowledge into Foundry Pattern Services’ skill set. Bill values hard work and providing the best product possible for his customers. He is also an avid supporter of the University of Tennessee and, can be found most football Saturdays, cheering the VOLS on from his end-zone seats. He is also known locally as the man in the “orange hat”.

Roger Downs

Roger Downs

Senior Modeler

Roger is certified by the Department of Labor as a tool and die-maker. He holds ten years of experience in tool and die-making. After deciding to gain more knowledge in the industry, he began training and working as a patternmaker, specializing in metal pattern production. He also returned to school to earn a degree in the CAD/CAM technology field. He has held positions including supervisor and operations manager. At Foundry Pattern Service, Roger provides his expertise in developing computer-generated pattern models. He brings a wealth of knowledge to Foundry Pattern Service and is proficient in four CAD software packages. He is also an instructor at our local community college, Chattanooga State Community College, in tool and die technology and engineering technology. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking along the Cumberland Trail and camping.

Bobby Green

Bobby Green

Pattern Shop Supervisor

Bobby has been with Foundry Pattern Service since 1990, beginning in the sand mold department and quickly transitioned to our pattern shop. Bobby is an integral partner in Foundry Patterns’ day to day functioning, bringing 24 years of experience to his position. He has worked in every area of the pattern shop from pattern intake, shop maintenance, reworking of existing pattern equipment, and production of new pattern products. He specializes in plastic and urethane patterns and reproduction. Because of his expertise working on the bench and his dedication to providing coordination with other employees to complete jobs on time, Bobby is a huge reason behind Foundry Pattern Services’ reputation for working closely with our partners to maintain close customer relationships. Bobby is an avid hunter and attends a yearly hunting expedition in Texas.

Bobby Green

Carrie Lewis

Safety and Occupational Manager/
Project Management

Carrie has been with Foundry Pattern Service since 1988, in various capacities ranging from secretary to leading development of projects such as inventory management and shipping and logistics development. Most recently, she returned to our company to develop and lead our safety program, as well as to provide support to our employees as our onsite nurse. She received her Bachelors of Science in Nursing from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville in 1996 and recently completed her Masters in Nursing from Vanderbilt School of Nursing, with a focus on Health Systems Management, in 2011. As we continue to grow, we recognized the importance of offering support to our employees related to their health and wellbeing. In her spare time, Carrie enjoys reading and watching her sons participate in various sporting activities.

Carrie Lewis

Vivian Smith


Vivian has supported the office and management since 1988. Prior to working for Foundry Pattern Service, Vivian worked in Patient Accounts at our local hospital. She has been faithful in assisting in our accounting processes and is always ready to help when we host company dinners and celebrations. In her spare time, Vivian enjoys working with others providing style coaching tips and seminars to the public.



FPS Shop Mascot

Tebow has been with Foundry Pattern Service since he was a young puppy, gladly coming in to work every day with a smile and greeting for everyone. In his spare time, Tebow enjoys visiting the coffee truck and chasing his red ball.

About FPS

Foundry Pattern Service, Inc. has been producing wood, metal, and plastic patterns since the late 1950’s. It offers a unique craftsmanship in the foundry industry. Under the management of Bill Smith since 1988, Foundry Pattern Service has broadened its capabilities by integrating precision building of patterns by hand with high-tech computer numeric controlled (CNC) machinery products. By expanding our business to meet market needs and to continue to grow in industry standards, Foundry Pattern Service can deliver products more timely and efficiently to our customers. Our team consists of many long term employees who have participated in and have watched our company grow over the last quarter of a century. Our 66,000 sq. ft. facility offers room to meet customers’ needs. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality products that meet the standards and requirements of the industry today, while also working diligently to meet our customers’ needs.

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